Land Rover’s Defender Service Awards: Corporate Philanthropy at Its Best

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We’re proud owners of a Land Rover. It’s been a reliable vehicle as we navigate the weather and terrain of the Midwest for sports practices, grocery shopping, outdoor hikes and more. But beyond the vehicle, we appreciate the company. Land Rover pays it forward with their annual Defender Service Awards, which go to nonprofits that “go above and beyond for their communities.”  After accepting nominations, each nonprofit makes a short video about their impact. Land Rover shares those videos and the world votes to choose the winners.  We love that approach. Return on Good Giving Stories is one part of our comprehensive suite of services to make giving smarter while maximizing the joy of philanthropy. Video, when well done, is an effective device for nonprofits and givers alike to tell their stories and inspire others to give.  Land Rover gave customized Defender 130 models to the five winning nonprofits. Each winner also received $25,000 and each finalist $5,000 to aid in their services.  Visit the Land Rover website to learn about the 2022 Defender Service Awards winners. And get ready to get inspired by these phenomenal organizations.

Land Rover offers a model for impact-driven and participatory corporate philanthropy

Land Rover’s Defender Service Awards is a model for corporate philanthropy. This endeavor provides an opportunity for Land Rover owners, drivers and cause supporters to get engaged, have an experience, and participate by helping to choose the winners.  The voting process encourages organizations to boost their supporter outreach on social media, a key part of bringing givers closer to a nonprofits’ mission.   It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Defender Service Awards winners receive Return on Good’s Top Rating

Just as we do for our clients, we researched the Defender Service Awards winners and were delighted to see they earned our “A” rating, which we give to top-tier charities with high return on good and a unique and unduplicated impact. And just as we do for our clients, we created Return on Good Research Reports for three of the award winners:

As you can see, each report is quite different, but each is a great example of what a deep dive into a charity’s impact can mean for maximizing your good.  

Ready to Give Smarter?

If you’d like us to take a look at a charity you’re supporting (or even suggest one you don’t know about yet), drop us a line. We’ll show you how to Give Smarter using our data- and meaning-driven approach to giving.