Empowering Global Business: Championing the 60 Million Congress in Chicago

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Chicago, known as the second-largest "Polish city" in the world, is set to host a remarkable event - the 16th edition of the 60 Million Congress October 18th-20th in Chicago. This unique platform is not just an ordinary conference; it's a convergence of innovation, tradition, and unprecedented business opportunities. Ann Oleson from Return on Good is excited to be a part of this initiative, recognizing its potential to raise capital for US and Polish companies in a global marketplace while fostering international ideas and collaborations.

The Heart of Dynamic Chicago Welcomes the 60 Million Congress

A Confluence of Industry Leaders and Innovators

The 60 Million Congress attracts exceptional personalities from across the globe. It brings together industry leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and specialists in various fields. For Ann Oleson, supporting this event means facilitating connections with inspiring individuals who are shaping the global market.

Networking at Its Core

Networking is the pulse of the 60 Million Congress. Through networking sessions, 1:1 meetings, intensive business sessions, and thematic panel discussions, attendees gain access to valuable contacts that can significantly contribute to their business growth. Ann Oleson recognizes the power of networking in driving business success and sees this platform as a catalyst for meaningful connections.

A Hub for Business Growth and Learning

Beyond networking, the Congress offers insights into the latest trends in business through presentations by world-class experts. It provides an avenue to introduce products and services to a wide range of potential customers, fostering business growth and development on a global scale. Ann Oleson supports initiatives that empower businesses with knowledge and opportunities for expansion.

Joining an International Community

The 60 Million Congress is not just an event; it's a movement that connects the Polish business community worldwide. It offers a unique opportunity to join an international community, grow, learn, and make contacts that can shape the future of businesses. Ann Oleson believes in the power of international collaborations in driving innovation and progress.

Attractive Offers for Partners and Sponsors

Partners and sponsors of the 60 Million Congress benefit from increased brand visibility in the international business community. Ann Oleson recognizes the value of strategic partnerships and sponsorship opportunities in fostering business connections and growth.

Event Highlights: Business Day, Congress Day, and Fun Day

The Congress features a dynamic agenda, including presentations of exporting companies and startups, meetings with investors and Chicago authorities, business meetings, round tables, networking sessions, and more. Ann Oleson encourages participation in these activities to maximize business opportunities and collaborations.

Join Ann Oleson and other industry leaders at this transformative event to unlock new possibilities and shape the future of business on a global scale. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities contact ann@returnongood.org.

Download the PDF Here: 60 Million Congress Chicago

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