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Our approach centers on preparing for capital raises. From creating engaging pitch decks and videos to organizing impactful events, we ready you for the ask. We also collaborate with industry leaders to offer a vast network of connections, enhancing your likelihood of successfully securing business capital.

Unlocking Funding Opportunities for Your Organization


At Return on Good, we leverage data, technology, networking, and thought leadership to help our clients raise the capital they need. Our strategic approach and extensive network of investors enable us to identify and unlock unique funding opportunities for your organization.

01 Data-driven Strategies

02 Technology-enabled Solutions

03 Thought Leadership and Networking

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Hatcher + FAAST

Hatcher provides founders with a robust suite of tools for fundraising, including AI-enhanced pitch and executive summary evaluations, secure data rooms, and access to a comprehensive global investor database, all aimed at optimizing fundraising strategies and outcomes.

361 Firm

Firm 361 specializes in identifying potential investors and aligning investment theses with key investors. Leveraging an extensive network of contacts and strategic events, Firm 361 streamlines the fundraising process and enhances investment opportunities for founders.

Digital Evolution Institute

Digital Evolution Institute unites visionaries, innovators, investors, family offices, futurists, technologists, and entrepreneurs. By bringing together the greatest minds and extraordinary spirits, the institute fosters collaboration and drives groundbreaking advancements.

Raise Capital with our Connections & Experience


Data Driven Strategies

We use our robust set of databases from three curated sources that include ultra high net worth investors, family offices and their interests, mandates and personal connections to determine who is a great fit for each investment opportunity.

Technology Driven Solutions

We are thrilled to partner with hatcher+ FAAST to use state of the art technology to fully assess our client's marketing materials starting with the pitch deck and reviewing the 13 key things that investors care most about using hatcher's AI driven scoring system. The intelligence from this world class tool along with our assessment is perfect feedback to create the ideal pitch deck and ideal explainer video to prepare for the cpaital raise and pitch conversations.

Events & Networking

ROG is active in the event space constantly making connections to bring to your proect the best connections. With over 50+ events a year that we attend we are sure to bring valuable relationships to the table that turn into positive ROI for our clients.

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Our Work

OVO Vodka

The OVO Vodka project aims to secure funding for nationwide expansion, boosting sales and marketing, while supporting ocean plastic removal initiatives.


The 9Zero project aims to create brand awareness, raise capital, and increase memberships for a climate advocacy community, supporting its expansion across the West and East Coasts.

Grants Plus

The Grants Plus project aims to evolve the brand identity and transform the website to better reflect the mission and support the company's growth.

Goodwill Industries of New Mexico

The GINM project aims to boost philanthropic donations and enhance the giving program, particularly during the Giving Tuesday campaign, to support the expansion of their programs.

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