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Impact Marketing for Growth

Impact Marketing for Growth

We partner with socially responsible organizations to drive growth through innovative brand marketing, strategic fundraising, and revenue channel development.

 Ann Oleson and Jay Kelly

Meet the Return on Good Team

When Ann Oleson and Jay Kelly founded Return on Good, they knew they wanted to work with every single client and get to know each one personally and professionally.

They knew they wanted to keep their team small and filled with the best of the best. They didn’t have to look far: They’ve worked with these individuals for 30+ years and on hundreds of projects. In each, they see themselves: Professional, passionate, people-oriented individuals who truly want to be of service and do good in the world. Meet Ann and Jay and the rest of the Return on Good team.

Our Clients

The following are a few of the clients that we have helped raise significant investment dollars and build strategy and infrastructure to scale.

Hatcher+ FAAST

The multi-award-winning FAAST (Funds As A Service Technology) platform, developed by Hatcher+, enables investors to use AI, machine learning, and process automation to build bigger, better portfolios. Hatcher+ uses deep learning and partnerships with leading early-stage investors to invest in leading early-stage companies.

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