OVO Vodka

The OVO Vodka project aims to secure funding for nationwide expansion, boosting sales and marketing, while supporting ocean plastic removal initiatives.


OVO Vodka (Our Five Oceans Vodka) is a premium vodka brand committed to environmental sustainability. For every bottle of vodka sold, they partner with a non-profit to remove 12 bottles of plastic from the ocean. OVO Vodka is rapidly expanding along the east and west coasts of the United States, targeting areas such as the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore, Miami, and California.

ovo vodka bottle with limes

As a new entrant in the market, OVO Vodka seeks to raise capital to scale their operations and meet the growing demand from restaurants, bars, caterers, and event locations. The goal is to secure sufficient funds to expand across the US, enhance marketing and sales efforts, and deliver substantial product volume to key locations, thereby increasing revenue for stakeholders.


The primary objective is to raise enough capital to facilitate nationwide expansion, bolstering marketing and sales operations to ensure significant product availability and revenue generation.


Return on Good began by conducting a thorough analysis to identify OVO Vodka's key customer personas. Focusing initially on the Hamptons, we leveraged personal relationships to establish connections with catering managers, top restaurants, beach clubs, and cultural institutions such as the Museum of Art.

Our strategy involved:

  • Building Relationships: Developing strong ties with key clients and venues to create a robust sales channel.
  • Network Mapping: Creating a detailed network map of potential investors who are interested in spirits and impact investments. This included leveraging our extensive web of personal and professional relationships to identify and connect with dozens of prospective investors.
  • Partnership Development: Aligning OVO Vodka with relevant non-profit organizations, such as the Billion Oyster Project in New York, to support their events and foster corporate partnerships.

While still in the early stages of the campaign, we have successfully introduced OVO Vodka to numerous key restaurants, bars, and event venues. These initial engagements have generated significant interest in the product. Key relationships have been established with prestigious event locations, including the Museum of Art and Polo Matches, enhancing sales channels and product awareness.

Our network mapping for potential investors is progressing well and is set to launch in August, with planned conversations aimed at securing the necessary capital for OVO Vodka’s expansion. The groundwork laid so far indicates promising prospects for scaling the brand and achieving the desired market penetration and revenue growth.