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Giving Stories

Compelling Creative, from Videos to Brands

Return on Good’s storytelling/creative team captures inspiring donor stories and helps build compelling brands for family offices, foundations and more.

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We Bring Your Legacy to Life

Return on Good loves telling a good story. Your story. Whether you’re a corporation or an individual doing good in the world, we want to capture your story in a documentary-style video for the world to see (or just your company or family—you decide!).  

Why share it? Because you want to be in charge of your giving story. Because others deserve to hear your story. Because your story will inspire your family, your employees, your community and the world at large for generations to come.  

Stories also help us explain everything in our experience. From science to relationships, feelings to memories, and questions to expectations. With every story we take in, our minds make cognitive and emotional connections that shape our perceptions, perspectives and worldview.  

At Return on Good, we believe philanthropic stories are worth telling. From donor stories to corporate giving stories, we look forward to creating your impactful and inspiring legacy video. 

Why Invest in Your Story?

By investing in a legacy video, you: 

  • Stay in the driver’s seat of your giving narrative 
  • Provide the “why” behind your giving 
  • Allow nonprofits to see if they’re a match for your mission 
  • Influence and inspire others to give generously 
  • Create an inspiring, timeless keepsake for generations to come 
  • Demonstrate to the world your company’s commitment to giving back and doing good in the world 

What You Can Expect 

Return on Good’s legacy videos are: 

  • Concise, powerful narratives that are 10 to 15 minutes long 
  • Include the people and places that are most important to telling your story 
  • Created by a team of award-winning videographers, journalists and designers 
  • Securely stored and available in perpetuity 
  • Available for your private access to share with your family, company, charities and more 
  • Approved by you! 
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Meet Our Creative Team

When you partner with Return on Good to create your legacy video, you get a professional and award-winning team of journalists, videographers and designers, each with more than 30 years of experience.  

They will tell your story accurately, creatively and beautifully.  

You’ll feel so at ease in their capable hands that you’ll forget all about the camera. And once you see the end result, you’ll be so glad you said “yes” to creating a legacy video with Return on Good. You may even need a tissue! 

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“Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.”

Sue Monk Kidd, author

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30+ Years of Building Brands

For more than 30 years, the Return on Good team has been building and bringing brands to life.  

Branding expertise starts at the top with our founders, innovative entrepreneurs who took a digital marketing agency from a startup to being named to Inc. 500 and 5000 four years in a row.  

Within seven years, this seed of an idea grew into a thriving business that was sold to private equity investors.  

For decades before that milestone, they worked in marketing and advertising, including at the New York Times and for top creative agencies where they developed their brand knowledge and expertise.  

With a passion for doing even more good in the world, these business leaders founded Return on Good. The company is focused on helping philanthropists (from individuals to corporations) Give Smarter.  

But branding expertise is still alive and well within Return on Good’s founders and our storytelling/creative team. 

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We Bring Your Brand to Life

Our creative team was handpicked by our founders, specifically selected for their 30+ years of experience in brand strategy, creative development, videography and content strategy.  

Like our founders, these seasoned brand strategists, journalists, videographers and designers are creative, strategic, passionate and compassionate.  

You’ll be delighted to work with the Return on Good creative team and wowed by the end result:

  • A brand that captures your organization’s spirit and story 
  • A brand that you can be proud of building 
  • A brand that will engage, excite and motivate others 
  • A brand that will live on for years 


Meet Our Team 

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What You Can Expect

When you trust your brand to Return on Good, you can expect: 

  • A robust discovery process where our experts ask questions and deeply listen so they can understand what sets your organization apart in the marketplace 
  • A branding strategy built on strong and distinctive pillars 
  • A brand that stands out in the marketplace 
  • A brand that’s creative, compelling and memorable 

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