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Giving Impact Record

Track Your Impact with Return on Good

With your Return on Good Giving Impact Record, you’ll always know the enduring impact your donations are making in the world. Take a strategic approach to giving with Return on Good where we research, evaluate and grade nonprofits before you give.

Create Your Giving Impact Record

Your charitable gifts add up over a lifetime. And you’ll likely be surprised about the total value of your giving. You might also wonder what impact your donations have made in the world. 

At Return on Good, you don’t have to wonder. Download our Giving Impact Record and keep track of your contributions. An added bonus: You’ll have everything in one place at tax time!

Your Return on Good Giving Impact Record includes space for:

  • Total value of your contributions to date
  • Charities supported by your gifts
  • Key mission areas of your giving
  • Potential plans for future gifts
  • Value of your gifts of service (volunteering, boards, etc.)

Download our Giving Impact Record and start tracking your contributions today!
And check out this blog with tips on how to complete your record.