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Hatcher+ FAAST

Hatcher+ FAAST

About Hatcher+

In the next 25 years, $72 trillion will be transferred, and our team at Return on Good is ready to meet the diverse tech needs of family offices with our innovative solutions. Every family office has unique technology requirements. We are excited to collaborate with top providers and consultants to improve family offices’ technology.

Hatcher+ offers a comprehensive AI solution for family offices and venture capitalists, specializing in quick fund creation, AI-driven deal analysis, and efficient capital management. Based in Singapore and with offices in Dubai, Monaco, and West Palm Beach, Hatcher+ focuses on AI platforms for wealth management and fundraising, featuring products like FAAST™ and VAAST® for comprehensive financial management and fundraising support.

Notable Hatcher+ Clients

The Origin of Hatcher+

Hatcher+’s co-founders, John Sharp and Dan Hoogterp, transformed venture capital inefficiencies into innovation by creating FAAST™. This AI and RPA-enhanced platform, born from a $20 million investment into technology, streamlines the investment process, making it efficient and data-driven.

Originally designed to revolutionize venture capital, FAAST™ now serves as the world’s first all-encompassing digital operating system for family offices and private equity firms. It optimizes critical operations like deal origination, analysis, real-time NAV generation, fund administration, and stakeholder reporting, setting a new standard in the investment sector.

For Founders

Boost your Founder’s Appeal to Potential Investors

  • AI-Powered Comparative Analytics
  • Cap Table Management
  • Data Room
  • Fundraising CRM
  • Company Profile & Online Portal
  • Task Manager & Document Library

For Family Offices & VC’s

Streamlined Data and Document Management

  • Global Deal Origination
  • AI-Powered Deal Flow
  • Fast Fund Creation
  • Automated Legal Documents
  • Customizable Branding, Languages, Currencies
  • Next-Generation Fund Administration
  • Customizable, Real-Time Stakeholder Reports

Want to Learn More?

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