WellnessWits accelerates investment in healthcare innovation with Return on Good partnership

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Our nation’s healthcare provider shortage offers significant hardship to those with chronic conditions. Patients often find it impossible to connect with providers, and the quality of care suffers. The founders of WellnessWits saw this need, and capitalizing on innovations in healthcare, deliver around shared medical appointments and telemedicine which was accelerated in the pandemic; they brought to market an innovative solution that has received accolades.  Already in use by medical practices, the company was ready to take their group therapeutics technology to the next level and expand it to a much larger audience. To build awareness and secure the next level of investment, WellnessWits retained Return on Good as a comprehensive outreach partner.

  • Return on Good’s pivotal help to WellnessWits includes:
  • Creation of an impact explainer video to educate potential investors on the value of this transformative medical delivery model and drive interest.
  • Assistance in submission of applications to several top-tier accelerator programs and startup network programs which included refining the WellnessWits value proposition, financial model, team strength, and development record.
  • Curation of a defined subset of investors that would be great connections based on networks, affinity and past investment history. Weekly consultation to discuss the investment prospect pipeline, follow up strategy, and next steps to drive success with investors, accelerators and influencers.

“Return on Good helps us explain clearly how WellnessWits is transforming the traditional healthcare model in a challenging time, and helps us gain more attention for our innovative technology,” says Dr. Kike Oduba, Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of WellnessWits.  “When you are bringing a solution to market that questions the norm, you have to be creative in how you share it with the world,” says Ann Oleson, partner at Return on Good. Over an extensive career launching innovative solutions, she’s learned that targeted communication to an audience who cares and relevant messaging are key.  “WellnessWits has a solution in place right now, ready to change the model of shared medical visits in healthcare. Our role is to help amplify their message and to share their amazing model with investors, consumers and healthcare providers.” says Ann.  It’s also about tactical help when deadlines and resources are tight. “Return on Good was right there, with us in the crucial moments when we were submitting applications to funders and award competitions, on tight deadlines. We’re stretched, because we’re securing additional investment while we are actively selling this product to doctors and helping them use it with success. ROG’s help, in the moment, made sure we got it all done,” says Jim. St. Clair, WellnessWits Chief Operating Officer.  And that shows in the success of WellnessWits. During their engagement with Return on Good, they were accepted to two key startup accelerators, with investment and transformational support to take the company to the next level. A significant investment pipeline with core relationships has been developed. Results are confidential and can be shared by emailing ann@returnongood.org  WellnessWits continues to onboard investment in this game-changing technology that will transform healthcare.To find out how Return on Good’s comprehensive investor match, networking, and marketing campaign support can help take your project to the next level, contact us today at info@returnongood.org