The Return on Good Transformation

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Revolutionizing Capital Preparation and Branding

Finding your true purpose rarely happens in a straight line. When Return on Good was established in 2022 by Jay Kelly and Ann Oleson, our focus was on philanthropy and developing charitable giving strategies. Over time, we began to feel there was a bigger picture out there for us, and that we could be doing more.

Today, in a world where the significance of purpose-driven endeavors is on the rise, Return on Good emerges as a beacon of transformative marketing solutions. We transcend the conventional marketing agency model, positioning ourselves as a mission-centric powerhouse dedicated to helping forward-thinking organizations bring their stories to the world and, ultimately, do more good.

Empowering Brands with Purposeful Narratives

We’re about more than traditional marketing approaches to everyday products and services. We’re about empowering our purpose-driven organizations with clarified brand identities and positioning them to authentically communicate their narratives to the world. With a blend of proven strategic acumen, creative prowess, technological savvy, and digital know-how, we equip brands with the tools to forge profound connections with their target demographics.

Revolutionizing Capital Raising with Strategic Positioning

Our transformation at Return on Good is also in response to what we feel is a critical need that is currently going unmet – the inadequate support for founders and startups in their journey to secure capital. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and revamping brand strategies, Return on Good is poised to guide visionary companies through the intricate landscape of capital raises, ensuring they receive the recognition and resources they deserve and need to bring their unique form of good to the world.

Cultivating Sustainable Revenue Streams

As important as effective branding and capital raises are, the ethos of impact marketing doesn’t stop there. Equally important is creating and cultivating new, sustainable revenue channels. Through strategic partnerships with influential stakeholders, B2B, and B2C platforms, Return on Good pioneers innovative revenue streams that seamlessly align with the unique values and goals of each client with whom we work.

Sharing Knowledge for Collective Empowerment

When it comes to bringing more good to communities and populations across the globe, none of us are in it alone. We believe that. Through an array of educational resources including blogs, webinars, and case studies, we bring an unwavering commitment to educate and empower industry stakeholders – from family offices and venture capitalists to founders and startup accelerators – with the latest insights and trends in impact marketing.

Fostering Collaborative Synergy for Amplified Impact

Real transformative change is achieved through collaboration. This is why Return on Good champions a community-centric approach to impact marketing. By facilitating connections among diverse stakeholders and thought leaders, we catalyze a collaborative ecosystem that amplifies the voices of changemakers worldwide.

Redefining Success Through Strategic Rebranding

In a landscape often dominated by profit-centric motives, Return on Good presents a paradigm shift, emphasizing that true success transcends financial metrics alone. With a purpose-driven ethos and strategic rebranding efforts, we’re at the vanguard of ushering in a new era of business – one characterized by meaningful impact, equitable practices, and sustainable growth. Our steadfast focus on storytelling, capital preparation, and collaborative innovation will lead the charge towards a brighter, more inclusive future for all stakeholders.