Return on Good’s unique strategic philanthropy and investment model featured in Impact Wealth magazine

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The investment game is changing. Today’s socially-conscious investors want to see real impact when they direct their wealth. Return is about more than the money, it’s about the good we do in the world. That’s what drives the impact investment movement, the ESG trend, and the reason why we created Return on Good.  We were excited to receive a spotlight in Impact Wealth magazine, describing our strategy to amplify the efforts of savvy investors looking to make a difference.

Return on Good was recently featured for our efforts to help investors make a difference with their giving and wealth strategy.

Impact Wealth outlines some key points of our mission:

  • Strategic philanthropic planning: Our approach involves a combination of personal values, the impact an individual or organization wants to make, and the causes they support
  • Bespoke guidance: We pledge to offer personal support centered on your needs, not a cookie-cutter approach that applies to everyone. Using our full arsenal of marketing, networking and data tools, we craft a strategy tailored to your needs
  • Intentional scale: We focus on partners that we know we can be successful with due to our network, data sets, intentional reach and what we believe in. A curated set of partners drives us every day to realize success and the return they hope to see in the world! (QuoteBlockStyle) “In the dynamic world of philanthropy and impact investing, few firms stand out for their dedication to creating a meaningful impact and fostering positive change.” -Impact Wealth describes Return on Good

We’re excited to be featured by Impact Wealth Magazine, and share in their mission of transforming philanthropy, impact investing and the nonprofit world, to maximize a true return on good. To find out more on how our personalized strategic consulting services can help you realize and scale your cause or build your impact project, contact us today.