Fueling Mental Fitness with Mettle and Return on Good

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In the UK alone, suicide is the leading killer of men under 50. This epidemic is mirrored in the US and beyond. The world faces a men’s mental health emergency.

Men face an incredible lack of support, particularly in the growing world of mobile tech. A $270B market of mental health apps boasts 20,000 wellness apps for women, but largely leaves men behind.

Neil Smith, the visionary UK TV producer behind The Apprentice and The Undateables, understood this need deeply. Smith's personal struggle with mental health shaped his mission and now he’s partnering with the iconic adventurer Bear Grylls, who brings international reach and credibility. Grylls’ 30 million+ followers - 84% men - signify global opportunities to create extraordinary awareness around men’s mental health.

The opportunity: to transform mental health into a message of mental “fitness,” a message that Smith and Grylls know will pass tough barriers of outreach to men. The solution is Mettle, an app, community and content engine designed specifically for men.

Video: Return on Good crafted a video unveiling Mettle’s innovative approach to mental fitness, and the opportunity to be part of taking action on the men’s global mental health crisis.

With Mettle’s official launch in late 2023, Smith reached out to Return on Good for key support services to turn attention toward this groundbreaking new solution (app). ROG’s help includes:

  • Feature impact videos that describe Mettle’s unique approach to provide mental fitness support to men, and how to overcome barriers men face when seeking help.
  • An outreach campaign to ROG’s network of impact investors, including connecting Mettle to action-driven collaborators at key high net worth events.
  • A global campaign to build Mettle’s B2B outreach, increasing use of the platform to also support workers in high-stress occupations.

“Mettle will change the way men get help. Neil and Bear are transforming the wellness industry to make it more accessible and relevant to men,” says Jay Kelly, co-founder of Return on Good. “We’re proud to help get the word out about this new platform that will improve and save men’s lives.

Mettle is onboarding investors today as part of their launch campaign. Now is the time to become involved on the ground floor opportunity of this transformative platform. Contact Return on Good today to find out more about how you can invest and take action to make a difference in the global men’s mental health crisis.