Do You Believe in Miracles?

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Tim Storey has coached countless well known celebrities and top business executives like Robert Downey, Jr., Quincy Jones, Smokey Robinson and Lee Iacocca. A few years back, he appeared on Oprah Winfrey's Super Soul Sunday. I had the opportunity to meet Tim recently, and his view on adopting the right mindset to change your life is truly incredible.  I love this book, and admire Tim Storey because he makes a magical life seem completely attainable and sustainable no matter what your current situation is. Tim came from very humble beginnings. So did I. I had the privilege of hearing Tim speak recently to a small group. I was able to chat with him after his talk. We shared that we had a very similar childhood, one that inspired us both to do better. As I look back on my childhood it really did begin with a Miracle Mentality. I didn't see it at that time or even think about a magical life. All that I knew is that I wanted better than where I was. And I set out everyday to achieve that. It all started with the right mindset.  In Tim's book, The Miracle Mentality, he encourages us to shift to a miracle mindset. Too many of us are toiling in the mundane, the messy and the mad every day. And we tend to get stuck there. But we all want to live in the magical, don't we?  How do we get unstuck? It is so easy to just accept that the mundane is our lot in life. We are stuck in a mundane job. A mundane relationship, etc. And from there messy and mad are logical next stops for us. But as Tim is famous for espousing, a setback doesn't need to be permanent. With a miracle mindset, we have the power to not only come back from a setback but to thrive. Setbacks can set the stage for magnificent comebacks. The key is never to get stuck.  As Tim points out in The Miracle Mentality, we all have the power to make our lives different, better and more magical. It all starts with a magical mindset. Every day we wake up with a choice of how we view the world around us. A choice of how we view our relationships, our friendships, and our families. Tim's book is a blueprint on how to navigate those relationships and turn them into magical ones.

Tim is known as "The comeback coach".

A very well known ‘comeback’ that Tim was involved with is with Robert Downey, Jr. His comeback is well documented and truly magnificent, taking Downey from prison to a return as one of the world’s most successful actors. Tim tells us, that if you can control your perspective, you can control your success. Having the right mindset sets the tone for success. The Miracle Mentality is a great read and blueprint for adopting just the right mentality. And the book offers real steps you can take to improve your perspective. It includes The Miracle Mentality Total Mindset Assessment as well as a workbook to help keep us all on track.  We all go off course sometimes. And it's not easy to be consistently in the "right" frame of mind for success. Tim Storey's The Miracle Mentality is the perfect reminder to keep on magical path, to transform our lives, and make miracles for those around us, too.

 Much like Tim, many of you have the “Miracle Mentality,” which has led you to your success. This mentality is a big part of your opportunity to make miracles happen through giving of your time, treasure and talent. For more information on how Return on Good can help you pay those miracles forward, and give smarter with more impact, connect with Jay at