Deckers (UGG) Takes Corporate Responsibility Seriously

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Global corporation of brands like UGG believes in making the world better

By Abby Rediger, Return on Good Project Manager

 Anyone who knows me knows I love fashion. But when it comes to buying, I’m not just looking for good-looking, high-quality items. I’m also looking to buy from companies that are doing good in the world.  Take UGG for example. Founded in Southern California in 1978 by an Australian surfer who wanted to create a product out of sheepskin, UGG took off from there. I probably bought my first pair of UGG boots sometime in the 1990s. What I mostly cared about then was that my UGG boots were comfortable, stylish, and kept my feet warm during winters in the Midwest.   But like more and more consumers these days, I’m paying more and more attention to the companies behind the products I buy. And UGG, under the parent company Deckers Brands, appears to be a company that’s doing business the right way.

“Be Good to People”

If you go to the UGG website, the navigation at the top of the home page includes not just the expected tabs to women, men, kids and sale items, but to “responsibility.” Check it out to see all of the good work UGG is doing to create “a more regenerative world.” It does that by keeping its focus on three areas: people, the planet, and its products.  Not only personally but in my work at Return on Good, I’m always on the lookout for companies that take corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy seriously. UGG does that. Under the subheading “Be good to people,” UGG shares the impact it’s making. For example, in 2022, it donated $125,000 to The Trevor Project to help end suicide among LGBTQIA+ young people. UGG and its family of Deckers Brands also make a recurring $500,000 annual donation to nonprofits that support social and racial justice.  But Deckers does more than just write checks as a corporate philanthropist. It’s dedicated to corporate social responsibility too. For example, it has a team focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives worldwide—including adopting software that eliminates or lessens unconscious bias in job descriptions and committing to having Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) represent 25% of leadership.  I can feel good about buying from Deckers Brands because this company believes what we believe at Return on Good: Change must start with each of us. But more than that, they live that belief through corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility efforts. I appreciate that they’re transparent about those efforts so I can buy wisely.   So, sure, buy those cute boots or whatever else you want to buy. But when you do, pay attention to the company behind your purchase. Are they doing good work in the world with your investment? Do they share your philanthropic values? If not, shop elsewhere.

Doing Good in the World?

What does corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility look like at your company?  If you are interested in developing a corporate philanthropic strategy that is Strategic, Purposeful and Passionate contact Return on Good We look forward to connecting. Don't forget to share the good work you’re doing with us. We might just feature you here.  For more information on how Return on Good can help you give smarter with more impact, connect with Jay at