Bandwango and Return on Good Partnership Revolutionizes the College Campus Visit

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Reigniting the “Town and Gown" Connection

Nobody powers the curated experience market like Bandwango. The company brings its distinctive vision and innovation to millions of experiences every year, transforming the way businesses connect with their communities.

How do they do this?

By creating app-free mobile discount passes that drive consumers to want to experience everything from new food to unique cultural outlets and arts opportunities with low friction and high ROI for their business partners.  One of the most competitive and constantly-evolving consumer experiences in the country every year is the college campus visit.  In 2023, Bandwango set out to make its mark in higher education, bringing its unique platform and network to colleges and universities welcoming prospective students to their campus visit experience.  The Bandwango Campus Visit Experience Pass helps connect “town and gown,” showcasing to prospective students the cultural opportunities, food experiences, and a range of other offerings in the communities that surround college campuses. To make the most of this exciting new endeavor, Bandwango partnered with Return on Good, which delivered crucial support for the product launch, including:

  • A top-notch product explainer video, sharing the value of harnessing Bandwango’s network and expertise in creating the experience passes.
  • A lead generation content plan, which included the creation of blogs, social media strategy, and support for a webinar to build buyer interest.
  • Support for a full product launch at NACAC 2023, the largest conference for higher education enrollment professionals, including booth design, marketing collateral, and pre-event publicity.
  • Training and scripting for the Bandwango business development team to build interest and capture crucial market feedback from higher education leaders.
  • Assistance in reaching additional buyers in the student activities market at the National Association of Campus Activities conference.

Check out the video developed to promote Bandwango’s new offering. “We could not have entered this market so quickly and with impact without Return on Good,” says Emilie Harris, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Return on Good’s expertise, network, and action-oriented attitude helped us launch with high velocity.”

Never before have colleges and universities been under so much pressure to attract and enroll prospective students, and research continues to show that the campus visit is among the most critical aspects of accomplishing just that. At the same time, local businesses are eager to welcome new consumers into their doors. This innovative solution creates a unique opportunity.  “We are in an experience economy. The way that colleges welcome students and their families with inviting and memorable experiences will go a long way to their enrollment success,” says Ann Oleson, co-founder of Return on Good. “I’ve worked with universities for many years, and there has never been a time more important to impress prospective students. And when students feel welcome, especially with inclusive food and cultural opportunities, they are more likely to succeed.”  Bandwango’s creativity and mission-focused launch into this new market has quickly captured the attention of higher education leaders. If you’d like to achieve similar results with your launch, contact Return on Good today. We have the tools and strategy to maximize attention and give your buyers an experience they’ll remember.