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October 2023 | Impact Opportunities

October 2023 | Impact Opportunities

Welcome to the October edition of Impact Investing with Jay Kelly & Ann Oleson Partners Return on Good. Over the past month, we and many of our colleagues from Investors to CEO’s to Family Offices have spent time connecting with people focused on big opportunities.

From Investor Summits in CA, to Climate Week in NY and The World Culture Festival in DC we reiterate that PEOPLE are the solution to our challenges.

A special shout out to leaders who are creating amazing & and exhilarating tech-driven solutions that focus on big goals: John Sharp, Gordon Winston, Alex von Welczeck, Ken Neumann, and Dr. Lei Lewis. Stay tuned in November for more on those conversations and what is New and Next in Impact Investment.

Below are just a few of the many Impact Investing opportunities that we are excited about and partnering with to raise the Investment Capital needed to make a difference.

SkyH20 | Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG)

SkyH2O is Climate Solutions Champion making a significant impact on the people and planet and returning to investors.

SkyH2O is a water technology, products and services company that is built upon unique and proven AWG (Atmospheric Water Generation) systems, providing the ultimate in water sustainability.

SkyH2O is rolling out SkyH2O stations across America starting in Texas and then internationally with a global footprint of 100+ stations for $2.5 billion.

Mettle | Mental Fitness for Men

Mettle is a unique toolkit designed for men’s minds. In a category comparable to Calm, men are supported via a clever app to be happier, healthier and more successful.

This game-changing app will increase your mental strength and resilience 10x. Aimed to address the long-neglected mental fitness tools and bring a new option for the needs of men.

This is a no-nonsense approach, backed by science, to optimise performance and encourage a fulfilling life. Co-founders Neil Smith and Bear Grylls are bringing to life this dynamic app.

Simple Spirits | Social Impact Spirits

Simple is the premier portfolio of Simple Impact Spirits. Each of their expressions is crafted with care and imbued with purpose. Brands include: Simple Vodka, Hawthorne’s Gin, and XOMA the new agave spirit.

Simple is the next iteration of business focused on people, planet and profit and is fighting hunger one drink at a time.

The brand is exploding in the space with new distribution locations and record sales. Simple is on track to sponsor 25 million meals with Feeding America by 2025.

C2 Cyber | Cyber Security

Managing risk for big names all over the world (including Chanel), C2 is the gold standard in risk management that enables its customers to survive and thrive in the digital economy.

C2 brings experts in cyber security and vendor risk management to protect your business and improve risk outcomes. Vendor risk management, Controls Maturity Assessment, Project Risk Management.

Where We’ll Be Next

10/24-10/27 | Future Investment Initiative (FII)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

11/5 | Music for Life Gala, Victoria’s Voice Foundation
Palm Beach, FL

12/4-12/7 | Family Office Club Super Summit
Fort Lauderdale, FL

12/14 | Gateway 2 Enterprise, Footprints Family Office
London, UK