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Our Why

Creating a Better World, One Client at a Time.

At Return on Good, we believe what our clients believe: The path to true happiness is through gifts that give back.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

– Anne Frank

Doing Good Does Us All Good

When you partner with Return on Good, you’re not just getting a team of researchers, strategists and creatives.

You’re getting individuals who share your heart for giving, who believe what you believe: that we’re only truly fulfilled when we give to others.

We’ve Been in Your Shoes

Finding the best-fit nonprofits to gift your hard-earned money to is a daunting task. We know. We’ve been there. Tasked by their parents to determine where best to give their financial gifts, our co-founder and her sister searched high and low for reputable nonprofits that both deserved their parents’ precious gifts and could make the biggest impact with them. That giving journey led to the model for Return on Good.

What Return on Good Is

  • Where the most passion
  • Meets the most need
  • Meets the most impact
  • Meets the best investment
That is return on good.

What Return on Good Isn’t

  • Return on good isn’t giving to organizations with high overhead
  • Return on good isn’t giving to organizations with poor leadership
  • Return on good isn’t giving to organizations fraught with chaos
  • Return on good isn’t giving to organizations under fire in the news

Return on Good is here to ensure your financial gifts bring the most return on good. We’ll never:

  • Tell you how much money to give
  • Dictate what type of impact you should make
  • Get a kickback from any organization
  • Steer you toward organizations like the ones described above