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Nonprofit Marketing & Fundraising

We work with Nonprofit Organizations who strive to be innovative in how they increase donations, activity and engagement with donors.

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Why Consider Working with Return on Good?

Your Nonprofit has Hit the Wall

Your nonprofit has hit the wall in relation to your current donor prospect base, and you find it difficult to raise any additional dollars with the stress of increased goals and  no new strategy. You’re interested in additional revenue channels and ideas and need a new approach to fundraising.

You’re Ready to Innovate and Collaborate

You are ready for a fresh set of eyes to help you create  innovative collaborations with other nonprofits while realizing major success in donations and progress is closely tied to mission and vision. You are on a team that is not only willing to consider new ideas, but test them.

You Need Help Scaling Marketing & Fundraising Assets

Your team is short staffed, and you need someone to come in and help create a digital campaign to use your monthly free google ad-words dollars, write grants for funding, and/or, produce a video to explain where you are and what is next. Bottom line, you need to cultivate a fresh pool of donors with affinity towards your passion and reignite past donors with updates and enthusiasm on new projects.


How We Work with Nonprofits

  • Gain understanding of leadership goals, dreams and aspirations.
  • Understand primary giving sources and trends: corporate, grants, individuals, events.
  • Develop a few key goals and objectives with plans to accomplish.
  • Create a needed structure to successfully market assets, technology, leadership, coaching, etc. 
  • Execute on the plan, measure constantly and move the needle.

Want to Learn More?

For more information on how we can help your Family Office identify new opportunities for investment, or work to bring your Impact Opportunity to life,

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