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Gift Facilitation

From Inquiry to Stewardship, We Do the Work

Return on Good takes care of charitable gift facilitation. From inquiry to stewardship, we’ll save you time and energy.

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Hope is Not a Strategy

Too often when we give, we don’t know what happens to our precious resources. We hope the organizations we give to are actually reputable. We hope they’re good stewards of our gifts and use them in the way we intended.

But just as in life, when it comes to giving, hope is not a strategy.

When you partner with Return on Good, we’ll do the hard work of developing a plan and doing the research so there will be no surprises.

You won’t have to hope that your gift went to an upstanding organization. You won’t have to hope it did good in the world. You’ll know it because we’ll provide you with the data to prove it.

Save Time & Energy with Return on Good

Return on Good ensures the organizations you or your company give to have strong leadership and solid financials. That their mission and vision are true. That they actually do with your money what they say they’re going to do with it.

We do that through research and planning. We do that by demanding data and sharing it with you every year so you have peace of mind.

By allowing Return on Good to facilitate your gift, you’ll also save time and energy. That’s because we take care of everything, from a confidential inquiry to recognition to stewardship.

Every step of the way, we’ll listen to you and honor your wishes. We’ll talk to those you want us to talk with, from family members to board members and financial planners to current receiving organizations.

For each gift, we’ll have an agreed-upon contract that clearly outlines your expectations for your gift, from how your gift will be used to recognition to how and when your gift will be recognized.

In short: With Return on Good, you’re in the driver’s seat of your philanthropic mission. Always.

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The Gift Facilitation Process

Here’s how gift facilitation works with Return on Good:

  • After you go through the strategic giving process with Return on Good and determine the best-fit nonprofits for your dollars, we make the initial contacts with those you’ve selected.
  • You remain anonymous as we share your mission, develop potential gift plans and drive your giving forward.
  • We save you time and energy by gauging the potential recipient’s interest, quality and capacity to meet your goals.
  • Your expert Return on Good team secures alignment before you meet with the organization, accelerating the process and ensuring you have comfortable conversations when you meet.
  • Every gift we facilitate has a contract that covers everything from how your gifts will be used to recognition expectations to continued stewardship.
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What You Can Expect from Facilitated Giving 

Here’s what you can expect from your gift facilitation experience:

  • Complete confidentiality—until you’re ready to be revealed. 
  • Customized communication—you decide how much or how little you’d like to be communicated with during the process. 
  • On-time research—from our professional, experienced team. 
  • Absolute accountability—from the receiving nonprofit organization because we hold them to our giving agreement. 
  • Thorough reporting—so you know how your gifts are being used and the impact they’re making…. Your return on good! 

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