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Impact Opportunities

Impact Opportunities

Return on Good is a curated impact investment and strategic philanthropy company that brings innovative ideas and opportunities to individuals who want more. Whether it’s through your investments, through the impact of social good, or a mission alignment with your philanthropic dollars, we help you find the best return with the most good.

The opportunities range from impact investment options to philanthropic organizations that we are excited about. Each option represents energy, momentum, and quantifiable benefit to social good. We believe in the partners that we choose to work with – they’re the next unicorns, the change makers and the funds that will deliver. 

As a partner of each of these organizations our sole job is to create awareness of the existing opportunities and give our network of friends, family offices, investors and philanthropists a chance at ideas that will bring about the biggest impact for all.

Please reach out to learn how we can introduce you to the people, ideas, products and funds that are returning good to the world in a big way!

Ann Oleson
319-804-5580 (m)

Jay Kelly
609-410-1680 (m)

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